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ZYX Ultimate-Airy唱头

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Type:Moving Coil (Dynamic)
“REAL STEREO” Generator System
Cryogenic Treatment:Temperature: -196 ℃ (-320оF)
Output Voltage:0.24mV (0.48mV) (3.54cm/sec, 1kHz)
Frequency Response
±1dB:10 Hz - 100 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Channel Separation:> 30dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Channel Balance:< 0.5dB 〔 1kHz 〕
Recommended Tracking Force:2.0gm 〔 20 ゜C-25 ゜C 〕
Tracking Force Range:1.7gm - 2.5gm
Trackability:> 60μm /2.0gm
EQ Compliance:horizontal
Internal Impedance:4.0 Ω (8.0 Ω)
Load Impedance:> 100Ω
Coil Wire:X type
  S type
  G type
6N Crystal Copper φ 0.035mm
5N Silver φ 0.035mm
K24 Gold φ 0.035mm
Cantilever Material:C-1000 Carbon φ0.30mm
Stylus Micro-Ridge Solid Diamond□0.1mm
Contact Radius, Life Time:3μm×60μm, 2000Hour/2.0gm
Output Terminals:φ1.25mm gold plated〔EIA〕
Terminal Board:Glass Epoxy Plate
Net Weight:5.0gm, 7.7gm(TB), 9.0gm(SB)

World First C-1000 Carbon Cantilever in Moving Coil Cartridge
The ZYX Ultimate series (100, Airy, 4D, OMEGA and DYNAMIC) use a carbon cantilever for the very first time in a moving coil cartridge. The carbon rod is made from 1000 pieces of composite carbon fiber, hence the name C-1000 carbon cantilever.
This composite carbon fiber is more rigid than aluminum, iron and titanium. In addition, its specific gravity is just half that of boron. Therefore we can be sure that the C-1000 carbon cantilever is the ultimate and ideal cantilever material for analogue record playback.
The carbon cantilever gives us the widest frequency range and a superior tracking performance. A further major benefit is that the mechanical sound signal picked up at the stylus can travel through to the coil in a straight and direct fashion by way of the 1000 pieces of mechanical carbon lines. This ensures that reflected, repeated or modulated mechanical sound signals are completely absent.
The overall result is that you will enjoy the finest, most natural, most dynamic and true to source sound that you have ever experienced.

Double Structure Body
By combining non-metallic materials in the construction of the body, the resonance occurring on the body's surface is excluded from influencing the generator system. An additional advantage is that this method of construction is both light and rigid.

High speed reproduction engine (magnetic circuit) 
This circuit is specially processed to null magnetic resistance within magnetic gap, and enables high speed power generation against signals over entire bandwidth straightly without time delay.

Micro-Ridge Stylus
The stylus used Ultimate series has the edges of the diamond shank set parallel to the sides of the cantilever. Using this type of stylus, the hardest axis of the crystal is aligned to act as the contact point with the record groove. This gives stable and smooth tracing and produces a very refined sound, with the additional benefit of giving the stylus an extended life time 2000 hours. The stylus is of the Micro-ridge type, which was originally developed in Japan and offers the highest performance. The contact radius is always 3μm by the ridge made with 6μm thickness. 

Pure 6N OFC Crystal Copper Wire Generator Coils
This perfect crystal copper wire produced by special process, in order to achive an even sound balance across the entire audible range.

Pure Silver Wire Generator Coils
As the silver has the best conductivity, This 5-nine silver wire made in USA can easily sound extended high range smoothly and transparent mid and low range with excellent sound quality. 

Pure Gold Wire Generator Coils
This K24 gold wire is made in USA. Why are the sounds so real, natural and smooth over the whole range? There is no coloration at the sound at all. So you will be able to feel real piano, strings and vocal sounds just front of you. 

■ZYX設立30周年 New Model ■


ZYXが採用したC-1000カーボン・ロッドはアルミニューム、鉄、チタンより硬く、比重は従来最も軽いカンチレバー素材とされるボロンの半分と極めて軽く固い素材。カンチレバーの等価質量の軽減と広帯域再生、過渡応答の能力で理想的な素材といえます。更に特筆すべき特長はカンチレバーが単なる単一棒でなく、1000本のカーボン線で構成されている事に有ります。単一素材の場合、上述の針先から入る音声信号を持った振動波が一つの個体を通して伝搬する場合の振動波が内部で反射、反復を繰り返し、発電系に到達する時は振動波は乱れた状態になっていると考えられます。C-1000カンチレバーは1000本の平行に配置された繊維により、振動経路は1000本のラインに沿って伝達、振動は乱れる事なくストレートに発電系に伝送する事になります。 軽量、硬質そしてストレートな振動伝搬、Ultimateシリーズの音を聴くとき初めて、究極の鮮明にしてダイナミックな原音を体感できるでしょう。



■発電コイル:X(6Nクリスタル銅) S(5N銀) G(24K金)の3種から選択
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    【Fi-Play 评测】黑胶文化的复兴,令追求细致音乐的音响爱好者对黑胶唱片产生浓厚的兴趣,很多年轻人都有疑问:这“时代产物”还有人喜欢?对此笔者也曾经想过,直到亲自试听一套黑胶唱盘之后,得出一个小结:黑胶唱片给我的音乐是生命力的,有现场感的,CD或许很难实现这种听觉感受。

    来自日本唱头品牌ZYX是Hisayoshi Nakatsuka先生在1986年所创立,专为广大模拟音响发烧友而服务的品牌,这名字的由来是根据模拟三维元素,Time(Z)Amplitude(Y)和Frequency(X),由ZYX研发的唱头都配备原始的实时发电系统,通过旗下多项专利技术能消除时间轴的失真。

    ZYX创始人Hisayoshi Nakatsuka先生在模拟唱头的研发设计上有着丰富和宝贵的经验,他所拥有多达15项设计专利,他把所有专利都应用到ZYX的产品之上。全因高质素的制作和表现,ZYX获得了众多海外知名媒体的高度评价。另外,ZYX R-100T唱头型号更被提名为Teragaki Style参考级唱头,可见ZYX在模拟界的地位。

    ZYX的唱头共分为三个系列,包括最主力的高阶Ultimate系列、R50系列以及MONO系列。笔者为大家带来Ultimate系列Airy X唱头。Ultimate系列采用世界首创碳纤维针杆技术,它采用到1000种碳纤复合物,非磁性线圈架,因此也名为C-1000碳纤针杆,这种设计对比铝合金、铁、钛更为坚硬。另外Ultimate Airy“X”表示该唱头使用铜线圈设计。

    MC唱头(Moving Coil)即动圈唱头,动圈唱头输出电压比传统动磁唱头还要低,因此一般的MC唱头都需要另加唱头放大器,之所以MC唱头如此受欢迎,其优胜之处在于音色表现细致,高音延伸更佳,特别能适合古典音乐。
    Ultimate Airy X唱头采用最新的磁电路设计,线圈架为非磁性材质,讯号输出仅达所需讯号量的1/6,因此需要更大磁铁与绕线圈数,以获得正确讯号音量。Ultimate Dynamic,采用非磁性线圈架原因是它的材质相似于黑胶刻片机刻头的特性。
    由于非金属材料制作的唱头,这种设计的优点在于其表面上的震动完全消除,而另一优点即是其内部结构的高刚性和低重量。Airy X唱针为日本Micro-Ridge产品(抗耐磨2000播放小时),它的针尖杆与针杆侧面平行。此唱针的稳固轴线,可对准唱片沟槽的接触点。聆听Ultimate Airy X唱头,必然会惊叹它优异的音色。能够确保在黑胶唱盘轨道中产生稳定和平滑的轨迹,而获得最佳音质以及持久的寿命。

    值得一提的是唱头当中应用了世界首创的坚固复合碳纤端子板,非常坚硬的固定输出端子,可有效应付强劲振动,有条件的用户可以尝试试听这四个端子消除容抗的纯净音色。唱头采用6N OFC结晶铜线发电机线圈绕组,音色平衡频宽佳。利用Ulatimate Airy X唱头的专利技术,能带给您最宽的频率范围和卓越的跟踪性能。另一个主要的好处是,在触针上拾取的机械声音信号可以通过1000个机械碳线以直线和直接的方式传播到线圈。这确保完全不存在反射的,重复的或调制的机械声音信号。发烧友将享受到您所经历过的最精美,最自然,最动感和真实的声源。

    介绍完UltimateAiry X唱头,是要感受一下这款MC唱头发挥的声音,听黑胶唱片,笔者比较喜欢人声或者古典音乐进行测试。这次要体验的是LP类,笔者找到一只人声唱片,由美国流行男歌手Michael Jackson的第六张个人专辑《Thriller》,这张专辑获得“唱片史上销量最高专辑”吉尼斯世界纪录奖,同时也成为了他一生中最具代表性的一张专辑。

    第一首先来播放经典歌曲《BeatIt》,这首非迪斯科风格的硬式摇滚风格的4/4拍舞曲在UltimateAiry X唱头的演绎下,展现出突如其来的如同号角一般的重击声后,流畅跳动的旋律随之源源涌出,杰克逊在其中激情而好斗地演唱着。黑胶模拟音乐所呈现的,是一种生命力的表现。

    而再播放Sonny Clark《Cool Struttin’》,笔者就发现该唱头并不会仅限于给予您单纯的细腻之声,相反当聆听这类对乐器定位、声音细节还原较高的作品时,Airy X依然表现到精准、还原,且使乐器能发挥更加真实的声音,这对于聆赏爵士乐来说无疑是最为合适的。
    ZYX Ultimate Airy X唱头规格

    频率响应:10Hz~100kHz,20Hz~20kHz (±1dB)